K-Cup Faves ☕️

Since a co-worker of mine has brought a keurig into our office, my addiction to coffee has gotten worse. It’s kind of fun to try the new flavors out there though.  I purchased Gloria Jean’s butterscotch flavored k-cups and although it’s a lighter roast, it was pretty tasty. The next one I bought was Great value French Roast and woah is that strong! I normally use the smaller cup size on the keurig because I like a stronger coffee but on this one, I have to use the giant coffee cup size lol! This one will definitely get you going in the morning.

My most recent favorite though, is Boston’s Best “Jamaican Me Crazy.” It’s a mix of mocha, caramel and vanilla if I’m not mistaken. It’s just got nice sweet flavor and a bit darker than the Gloria Jeans. I add a little vanilla creamer to it and it tastes like I ordered a cup of flavored coffee from a coffeehouse!

I am making a Coffee Themed Basket to raffle off for an upcoming event and I happened to buy bags of Boston’s Best to add to it. Without knowing if their flavored coffees were good, I figured I’d take the chance. Since, I’ve tried the Jamaican Me Crazy one that’s so good, I’m going to say it’s safe to say, I made a good coffee purchase.

Okay, my coffee post is done now.

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