Easy Stuffing

Hey there! I just got done making stuffing for our Thanksgiving luncheon that we have together where I work.

I know a lot of people prefer lots of herbs and seasonings and some people put meat in their stuffing or “dressing” as I know people prefer to call it. I think that’s great! My mom always did a fairly simple stuffing, which is the route I took. The luncheon will have around 20-25 in attendance and I am almost positive I made too much but here is what I did:

I took four loaves of white bread and tore them up into small pieces. I split them in half into two large bowls – I didn’t have a bowl large enough to fit all that bread! I let the bread sit in the bowls a day prior to actually preparing the stuffing. I also placed a piece of plastic wrap over the top so no dust or anything would settle on top.

The following day, I took eight stalks of celery and one large onion and finely chopped them. I sautéed them in 3 sticks of butter until they started to soften.

Then, I split that butter and veggie mixture in half and poured one half into each bowl. To that, I added a generous amount of pepper and poultry seasoning and some salt.

After I seasoned the bread, I took one box of vegetable broth to each bowl to totally coat and soften the bread. Feel free to use chicken or turkey broth! My supervisor is a vegetarian and I didn’t want to leave him out!

Before anything else, taste a little to see if it needs anymore salt or seasoning. Ya just never know!

Pour the bowls of stuffing into their own large, buttered baking dish, lightly cover with foil and bake on 350 for an hour.


Since I am bringing mine to work, I buttered my slow cooker and spooned the stuffing into it. I’ll cook it on medium for about three hours stirring occasionally to make sure it’s not burning on the sides and will bring a little extra broth to ensure it’s nice and moist!

Not a whole lot of ingredients or a whole lot to do. Just a simple, not-too-much-of-a-hassle, stuffing recipe!



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